Helpful Links

The following are links to websites that I find helpful:

  • The Havanese Club of America  —  This is our AKC parent club.  On their website, you can find information about the breed, the breed standard and many helpful articles.
  • Central Carolina Havanese Club  —  This is our local Havanese club for the Carolinas.  Our club is for anyone who owns or loves a Havanese.  Besides dog shows, we have social get togethers where our dogs can play as well as several fund raising activities throughout the year.  You can find membership information on the website.
  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)  —  This is the site where you can research what health testing have been preformed and the results, not just for the sire and dam, but also the lines your puppy comes from.
  • Havanese Gallery  —  This website will allow you to look up pedigrees if you’re interested in where your puppy comes from.
  • Colors of the Rainbow  —  This website provides fascinating information on the different colors of Havanese (and how they might change!).
  • Nothing in Life is Free  —  This is a training concept that I believe very strongly in!  There are plenty of websites that discuss it, so if you just google “nothing in life is free” you’ll find a lot about it, but the site I’ve given you explains the theory very well.