Frequently Asked Questions

How many litters a year do you have?  We usually have only one or two litters a year.

Can we come meet your dogs?  Absolutely!  Once your application has been approved, visits are encouraged, both to get to know the puppies and to help with their socialization.

Do you do any health testing?  Yes, health testing is very important to us and all dogs used in our breeding program have been fully health tested.  Please take a look at this blog post for more information on what tests are performed and why.

Are your puppies potty trained?  Our puppies are pad trained.  When they first graduate from their whelping box to their puppy enclosure, there are pads down on the entire surface.  Over the course of the next few weeks, I remove pads until there is only one pad left.  The puppies are very good about only using the pad and this establishes a good basis for the puppies to understand that they’re expected to potty in a specific area.  However, potty training is a process that you will need to continue after bringing your puppy home.  We’ll talk about it when you pick your puppy up and I’ll answer any questions you have about how to proceed.

What is limited registration?  Limited registration means that the puppy is eligible for AKC registration, but may not be bred or shown in AKC conformation classes.  What does this mean to you?   Your purebred Havanese puppy is being sold to you as a pet and beloved family member, not as a show dog.  More about that here.

Do you offer full registration?  The majority of our puppies are placed in pet homes only.  We will occasionally offer a show potential puppy with full registration on a co-owner basis.

Do you ship puppies?  No.  For the comfort and safety of our puppies, we do not ship.  Havanese puppies are small enough to accompany you in the cabin of a plane.  We are located about 60 minutes from both the Knoxville International Airport and the Tri-Cities Airport.

What is a hobby breeder?  Hobby Breeders are dedicated to the preservation of a particular breed of dog. … We rarely make any profit from breeding a litter of puppies. Hobby breeders do not “make a living” from their endeavors and very few even derive a significant portion of their income from breeding their animals.” —  In other words, we breed Havanese because we love the breed!