Iris’ Glamour Shoot

Today is a raining day here in Raleigh.  It’s a very nice break from the heat, but it doesn’t allow for much outside time for the puppies to get some entertainment.  So, I decided to do a photo shoot with Ms. Iris!  We put some pearls on her (which apparently are great to chew on!) and got out a pair of high heals:

Havanese Puppy Raleigh NC

“I don’t think those are going to fit!”  —  Iris

I don’t think Iris thought it was more fun than playing outside, but she was a good sport about it:

Havanese Puppy Raleigh NC
“Do these pearls go with my eyebrows?” — Iris

Havanese Puppy Raleigh NC
“Let me just lean back and relax” — Iris

Havanese Puppy Raleigh NC
“Getting a little sleepy, Mom” — Iris

Havanese Puppy Raleigh NC
“Zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz” — Iris

Puppy Ball Pit!

It’s important for puppy social development that they stay with their litter mates until at least 10 weeks of age.  But by the time they’re about 8 weeks old, they start becoming less easily entertained by what’s in their puppy enclosure.  We do take frequent field trips to the front porch or back yard for play time, but they still sometimes get bored.  Enter the puppy ball pit!

The Puppies are Here!

We have four beautiful Havanese puppies!   It was an all night process but Bunny did a fantastic job and all four babies are doing great!  There are two males and two females.  Individual pictures are to come, but here’s a group shot for now:

Backyard Play Time

We’ve been going out into the back yard every evening so that the puppies can run around and be a crazy as they want.  It’s also a good time for them to have interaction with the other dogs.  Big sis, Mabel, thinks it’s as much fun as the puppies do!  You can’t catch me is their favorite game:

havanese puppies playing raleigh nc

havanese puppies playing 2 raleigh nc