About Willow Springs Havanese

Welcome to Willow Springs Havanese!  We are a family breeder of Havanese puppies located outside of Rogersville, TN.

I have been an animal lover all of my life and a Havanese lover since 2008.  My husband had always had Labradors and had been breeding them for about 15 years when I met him.  While I loved the labs, I wanted something that was more of a lap dog.  My research led me to the Havanese breed and I was hooked!  My first Havanese was the sweetest girl ever, Willow.  As the saying goes, you can’t have just one!  I got a second Havanese, Trip, and joined our local Havanese club.  I began showing Trip in AKC conformation and got his championship in 2011.  I also became actively involved in our local Havanese community, and am currently serving as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Central Carolina Havanese Club.  In 2018, our last Lab crossed the rainbow bridge and Willow Springs Havs and Labs became Willow Springs Havanese.

Our puppy pen is located just off the busiest part of our house, the kitchen, so that they are constantly exposed to different noises and stimulations as they’re growing.  Exposure to different sounds and situations at a young age helps to desensitize them to things that some dogs find stressful as adults such as the vacuum, being around children, the sound of thunder, etc.  Visitors of all ages are encouraged to interact with all of the puppies so that they become well socialized.  They are given multiple baths and introduced to brushing, the hair dryer, nail clipping and other grooming.

Puppies go to their new homes having been examined and cleared by a board certified veterinarian and given their first puppy shot.  They will have been de-wormed at least three times and weighed regularly since birth to track healthy development.  This is all documented in each puppies’ health records, which are given to each family when they take their puppy home.  All of our parent dogs are fully health tested in accordance with guidelines established by the Havanese Club of America  in coordination with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals to ensure that we are producing the healthiest puppies we possibly can.

When picking up their puppy at 10-12 weeks of age, families will receive:

  •  A copy of their puppies’ health records
  •  A signed copy of our Willow Springs Havanese puppy contract
  • A copy of the puppies’ pedigree
  • Copies of the sire and dam’s health testing and certificates
  •  AKC registration form
  •  A  blanket that the puppies have been sleeping on
  • A toy the puppies have been playing with
  • A sample of the puppy food the puppies are currently eating for transitioning
  • My cell number and encouragement to contact me at any time with any questions you might have